New AnyConnect Integration Makes Off-Network Protection Easier

Umbrella now integrates with AnyConnect so you can get simple, effective security for roaming devices with little more than a configuration change. By updating AnyConnect you can get Umbrella’s protection with no additional agents, no end-user action, no always-on VPN, no performance sacrifice—and at no additional cost.

If you already have the Umbrella Roaming Client deployed, switching is as easy as upgrading to AnyConnect 4.3 MR1 with the Umbrella Roaming Security module enabled. It will automatically convert your Roaming Client with no additional steps!

Tracking the most significant cyber threat: Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are more successful than ever and use some of the most sophisticated techniques to target your employees and your data. Join this webcast with experts from Cisco including Dan Hubbard, CTO at OpenDNS, and Dean De Beer, Principal Engineer at AMP Threat Grid, as they discuss how to reduce your risk of infections.

Investigate now includes malware analysis data

OpenDNS Investigate now includes threat intelligence about malware files from Cisco AMP Threat Grid — providing the most complete view of the internet infrastructure and malware used in attacks. Check out the demo video and download the Investigate data sheet for more info.

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