Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report

Dan Hubbard of OpenDNS Labs and Craig Williams of TALOS recently sat down to discuss their collaboration for the Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report. Check out the interview, then download the report for more info. OpenDNS Labs also created attack visualizations as part of the report. Be sure to read the OpenDNS Labs blog for ongoing information about our security innovations.

Tracking the most significant cyber threat: Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are more successful than ever and use some of the most sophisticated techniques to target your employees and your data. Join this webcast with experts from Cisco including Dan Hubbard, CTO at OpenDNS, and Dean De Beer, Principal Engineer at AMP Threat Grid, as they discuss how to reduce your risk of infections.

Off-Network Security Just Got Stronger

Umbrella now enforces security at both the DNS and IP layers to prevent system compromise and data exfiltration — on and off the corporate network. Initiated via DNS requests or direct IP connections over any port or protocol. Using new innovations built into the OpenDNS Global Network and OpenDNS Roaming Client v2.0, Windows and Mac devices now have always-on breach protection. Umbrella Insights, Platform, or MSP customers will see a feature announcement in the Message Center when this extra protection is available.

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