Announcing SAML support!

OpenDNS' login experience has been improved (as you may be able to tell). But it's not just the login screen that's different; we've also improved the security of our login to include Single Sign-on (SSO) via SAML for our Umbrella customers.

From our security research team

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging concern for infosec professionals. After a year of hard work, OpenDNS' security team has created a report with a unique insight into what the IoT looks like, providing a never-before-seen look into the security implications of IoT devices used in modern business environments. Entitled the "The 2015 Internet of Things in the Enterprise Report", it's available today on the OpenDNS website.

Did you know...

OpenDNS' APIs can be used as another avenue of enforcement for Umbrella customers. The OpenDNS API automatically turns the threat intelligence generated by customers’ own security and incident response teams into threat prevention, providing real-time protection for users and devices anywhere in the world.

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