Investigate Pattern Search

The new Pattern Search functionality in Investigate enables you to do more flexible, extensive searches of domains matching certain patterns or terms. For example, you can uncover new domains containing your brand name that an attacker may be planning to use in a targeted phishing campaign. It’s available through the Investigate Console and API, so check it out today!

IP Layer Enforcement

From its inception, OpenDNS has aimed to provide security for the blind spots in enterprise networks. In the latest post on the OpenDNS Company Blog, read how IP Layer Enforcement can protect users that are off of the corporate network.

Off-Network Security Just Got Stronger

Umbrella now enforces security at both the DNS and IP layers to prevent system compromise and data exfiltration — on and off the corporate network. Initiated via DNS requests or direct IP connections over any port or protocol. Using new innovations built into the OpenDNS Global Network and OpenDNS Roaming Client v2.0, Windows and Mac devices now have always-on breach protection. Umbrella Insights, Platform, or MSP customers will see a feature announcement in the Message Center when this extra protection is available.

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