New AnyConnect Integration Makes Off-Network Protection Easier

Umbrella now integrates with AnyConnect so you can get simple, effective security for roaming devices with little more than a configuration change. By updating AnyConnect you can get Umbrella’s protection with no additional agents, no end-user action, no always-on VPN, no performance sacrifice—and at no additional cost.

If you already have the Umbrella Roaming Client deployed, switching is as easy as upgrading to AnyConnect 4.3 MR1 with the Umbrella Roaming Security module enabled. It will automatically convert your Roaming Client with no additional steps!

Proactive Prevention and Visibility into Potentially Malicious New Domains

We now have a new security category within Cisco Umbrella called "newly seen domains." This new category identifies domains that have been recently queried for the first time across the Umbrella global network and are more likely to be malicious. You have the option to proactively block this category or monitor the results in reports, providing flexibility to determine what is right given your risk tolerance.

Splunk Add-on for Investigate

With the Splunk Add-on for Cisco Umbrella Investigate, you can automatically enrich security events inside Splunk with threat intelligence on domains, file hashes, IPs, and networks across the internet.

Learn how this new add-on can help you automate operational intelligence from your SIEM with Investigate's live threat intelligence to make faster, more informed decisions during incident response.

Watch the webcast & read the data sheet for more details.
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